Water-Saving Shower Head (Gold)

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Water consumption is an issue that has been prevalent as of late, particularly in areas that have experienced droughts and where fresh water is scarce. Whether or not we live in an area that is prone to these issues, however, water consumption is something to be mindful of in order to not waste the fresh water that is available to us. One of the ways that we can save water is by being conscientious of our water usage while taking a shower. Enter the water-saving shower head.

This water-shaving shower head was created using German LUV water limiting matrix supercharge technology. It has multiple speeds for different needs, and allows you to easily stop water flow with the push of a button so that you don't have to turn off your shower completely when you're not rinsing. Your showers can now be both luxurious and environmentally conscious.  

3-mode Customization: 
  • Pulse Mode: strong water flow for a comfortable massage experience
  • Surfing Mode: larger amount of water flow to open the pores, and relieve body fatigue and pressure
  • Rain Mode: water flow covers larger area to promote relaxation

Universal rotating: Shower head rotates 360° 

Detachable design: Shower head can be detached. Without the stainless steel filter, the shower head will spray at a higher pressure, which can allow you to more effectively and efficiently clean your shower area.

Materials: High quality ABS and stainless steel panel for environmental protection and durability
Size: 80x240mm/3.1x9.4” (L*W)
Net weight: 210g/7.4oz

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