Biodegradable Double-layered Eco Dish Sponges (3-Pack)

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It's time to wash those dishes! Traditional foam and plastic sponges no longer needed. This 100% biodegradable loofah dish sponge allows you to clean your dishes and other surface areas while also being eco-friendly. You can also pair it with your favorite body soap and use it in the shower. Just submerge the sponge in water and the sturdy loofah will soften as it expands in size in order to work its magic. When done, simply rinse, remove excess water, and hang to dry!

Care Instructions: Rinse, squeeze excess water, and hang to allow the water to drain after each use. Soak in vinegar or submerge in boiling water for 5 minutes to disinfect.
Materials: Made from loofah plants with a cotton loop for hanging. 100% compostable!

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Packaged in kraft paper sleeve. Wrapped in wax paper for shipping.
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