7 Habits for Eco-Friendly Living

Here at belloeco, we advocate elegant ecology. To live an elegant ecological life is to live one's life with grace, with elegance, and respect to the earth and all of the resources it provides. It's living with regard toward the earth and the impact we have on it and honoring the impact it has on us. It's a relationship, one we must be an active participant in. We must live with intention. 

Here are a few simple habits you can incorporate into your life, a few actions you can take, to make your footprint on this earth that much more graceful.

1. Turn off your faucet.

Turn off your faucet when brushing your teeth, washing your hands, washing dishes, showering, etc., until ready to rinse. This will minimize the amount of water going down the drain unnecessarily.

2. Use a reusable shopping bag.

Plastic waste is a worldwide concern. One of the simplest ways to reduce plastic waste is to opt for reusable bags or boxes when shopping. This practice diminishes waste, while also allowing for more space in your home. You can use any tote or box you have at home, or buy one. If you already have plastic bags, make the most of them and either repurpose or recycle them at a participating store.

3. Purchase less packaged goods.

Product packaging accounts for a lot of waste, particularly when it is made of plastic. Although plastic and other types of packaging materials can be recycled, the less packaged the product is, the better. This allows for less work when manufacturing as well as later on when energy is used to transport and repurpose the recycled materials, even those such as cardboard which still consume resources albeit renewable ones. Considering your purchase's impact on the environment, at every stage of its life cycle, is essential.

4. Enroll in paperless billing.

Billions of pieces of mail, bills and statements, are received yearly in the United States. Now scale that to people all across the globe. With paperless billing as an option, we are now able to minimize our paper usage in a significant way. You may also receive other benefits for opting for paperless. Ask your bank or service provider for more details.

5. Opt out of paper ads.

Unsubscribe from paper advertisements and statements regarding credit card pre-qualifications that you are not interested in. Consider also unsubscribing to any store catalogs or magazines you are no longer interested in or, if possible, request that further editions become accessible to you digitally.

6. Recycle the paper you do use.

First, minimize and reduce the amount of paper you are using. Then, reuse or recycle all qualifying paper products so that their use may be prolonged. This applies to all materials.

7. Use what you have first.

This should go without saying, but using what you have before buying anything new is one of the most effective ways to reduce your environmental impact. Then, when needed, opt for the most eco-friendly option.

Be informed. Act Accordingly.

This is a choice. It's a lifestyle. There are many organizations and resources out there locally, nationally, and globally, that are working with and for us to make this world more sustainable. We are now, more than ever, able to participate and do our part. A little research goes a long way. We can do this, together. Here's to a belloeco life.

For quick reference, here's an infographic you can save to your phone and social media profiles, an image you can refer to as needed. An image you can share.

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